When dragging the slider, the 15 minute candle chart does not update, but the 5-minute candlestick chart updates

When dragging the slider, the 15 minute candle chart does not update, but the 5-minute candlestick chart updates.

from bokeh.plotting import figure, curdoc
from bokeh.models import ColumnDataSource, HoverTool, Slider
import pandas as pd
from bokeh.layouts import gridplot
import os

script_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
# 加载5分钟数据
csv_file_5min = os.path.join(script_dir, 'sz123228_5min.csv')
df_5min = pd.read_csv(csv_file_5min)
df_5min["date"] = pd.to_datetime(df_5min["date"])
# 创建5分钟图表
p_5min = figure(x_axis_type="datetime", title=f"sz123228_5min", width=1000, height=300, y_axis_location="right")
p_5min.xaxis.major_label_overrides = {i: date.strftime('%m/%d %H:%M') for i, date in zip(df_5min.index, df_5min["date"])}
inc = df_5min.close >= df_5min.open
dec = df_5min.open > df_5min.close
source_inc_5min = ColumnDataSource(df_5min[inc])
source_dec_5min = ColumnDataSource(df_5min[dec])
p_5min.segment(x0='index', y0='high', x1='index', y1='low', source=source_inc_5min, color="red")
p_5min.segment(x0='index', y0='high', x1='index', y1='low', source=source_dec_5min, color="green")
p_5min.vbar(x='index', width=0.5, top='open', bottom='close', source=source_inc_5min, fill_color="white", line_color="red", line_width=1)
p_5min.vbar(x='index', width=0.5, top='open', bottom='close', source=source_dec_5min, fill_color="white", line_color="green", line_width=1)

# 加载15分钟终表数据
csv_file_15min_chart = os.path.join(script_dir, 'sz123228_15min_chart.csv')
df_15min_chart = pd.read_csv(csv_file_15min_chart)
df_15min_chart["date"] = pd.to_datetime(df_15min_chart["date"])
# 创建15分钟终表图表
p_15min = figure(x_axis_type="datetime", title=f"sz123228_15min_chart", width=1000, height=300, y_axis_location="right")
p_15min.xaxis.major_label_overrides = {i: date.strftime('%m/%d %H:%M') for i, date in zip(df_15min_chart.index, df_15min_chart["date"])}
inc_15min = df_15min_chart.close >= df_15min_chart.open
dec_15min = df_15min_chart.open > df_15min_chart.close
source_inc_15min = ColumnDataSource(df_15min_chart[inc_15min])
source_dec_15min = ColumnDataSource(df_15min_chart[dec_15min])
p_15min.segment(x0='index', y0='high', x1='index', y1='low', source=source_inc_15min, color="red")
p_15min.segment(x0='index', y0='high', x1='index', y1='low', source=source_dec_15min, color="green")
p_15min.vbar(x='index', width=0.5, top='open', bottom='close', source=source_inc_15min, fill_color="white", line_color="red", line_width=1)
p_15min.vbar(x='index', width=0.5, top='open', bottom='close', source=source_dec_15min, fill_color="white", line_color="green", line_width=1)

hover = HoverTool()
hover.tooltips = [("日期", "@date{%F %H:%M}"), ("开盘价", "@open{0,0.000}"), ("最高价", "@high{0,0.000}"), ("最低价", "@low{0,0.000}"), ("收盘价", "@close{0,0.000}")]
hover.formatters = {'@date': 'datetime'}

initial_date = df_5min["date"].iloc[0].strftime('%m/%d %H:%M')
slider = Slider(start=0, end=len(df_5min), value=len(df_5min), step=1, title=f'起点: {initial_date}', width=1000)

# 加载15分钟中间过程数据
csv_file_15min_process = os.path.join(script_dir, 'sz123228_15min.csv')
df_15min_process = pd.read_csv(csv_file_15min_process)
df_15min_process["date"] = pd.to_datetime(df_15min_process["date"])

def slider_callback(attr, old_range, new_range):
    end_idx = int(slider.value)
    if end_idx >= len(df_5min):
        end_idx = len(df_5min) - 1

    temp = int(end_idx / 3)  # 15"盘中索引号
    df_intraday = pd.DataFrame(columns=df_15min_chart.columns)  # 创建 15" 盘中ohlc df二维的数据结构
    for i in range(temp):
        df_intraday.loc[i] = df_15min_chart.loc[i]
    df_intraday.loc[temp] = df_15min_process.loc[end_idx]

    inc_15min = df_intraday.close >= df_intraday.open
    dec_15min = df_intraday.open > df_intraday.close
    source_inc_15min.data = df_intraday[inc_15min].to_dict('list')
    source_dec_15min.data = df_intraday[dec_15min].to_dict('list')

    selected_date_5min = df_5min["date"].iloc[end_idx].strftime('%m/%d %H:%M')
    slider.title = f'{selected_date_5min};____________15"盘中index:{temp};____________5“index'
    p_5min.x_range.start = df_5min.index[max(0, end_idx-50)] - 0.4
    p_5min.x_range.end = df_5min.index[end_idx] + 0.4
    p_15min.x_range.start = df_intraday.index[max(0, temp-50)] - 0.4
    p_15min.x_range.end = df_intraday.index[temp] + 0.4

slider.on_change('value', slider_callback)
app_layout = gridplot([[p_5min], [p_15min], [slider]])

Download the attachment from the link below:

When dragging the slider, the 15 minute candle chart does not update, but the 5-minute candlestick chart updates.

Hello wjquant and welcome to bokeh discourse.

In order to make the analysis of your problem easier for the helper community, and thus increase the chance you get an answer, please provide a minimal, reproducible, self contained and working example, see MRE.

Remove everything that is not necessary to reproduce the problem.
Include strongly reduced data in your code (reference to external csv is suboptimal).

Also, please use a compact, understandable title to your post, in your case for instance “Chart won’t update when dragging slider”. Could you change the title?

At a first glance, your code raises several questions about what you want to do and whether the way you take is really appropriate.
Among other:

  • Why do you convert the dates to strings? Bokeh actually has ways to deal with dates as x or y values.
  • What is the difference between the two datasets sz123228_15min_chart.csv and sz123228_15min.csv? Why does the latter have 5 min resolution although its name end with “_15min” and it is used to update the 15 min chart?
  • Why does the initial 15 min chart base on sz123228_15min_chart.csv whereas after the slider selection values from sz123228_15min.csv are used?
  • The use of a slider doesn’t seem to be appropriate in your case, because you have 817 possible values, when you change from “816” to “500” for instance, all 315 values in between will be computed although you don’t need it, which take a lot of time.
  • As Bryan mentioned, re-adding the hover tool on each callback is surely not a good practice.
  • Actually, your hover doesn’t seem to work at all.

About your initial question, I can advise you to replace these lines in your caalback:

source_inc_15min.data = df_intraday[inc_15min].to_dict('list')
source_dec_15min.data = df_intraday[dec_15min].to_dict('list')


source_inc_15min.data = dict(ColumnDataSource(df_intraday[inc_15min]).data)
source_dec_15min.data = dict(ColumnDataSource(df_intraday[dec_15min]).data)

Then the 15 min. chart is still displayed after dragging the slider, but the behavior is most probably not what you expected.

I would recommend you to rework thoroughly your whole code and check your input data.


First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your assistance within the Bokeh community. I truly appreciate your help in resolving my issue. To be honest, I approached this with a bit of skepticism, but the problem was indeed solved, which pleasantly surprised me.

Secondly, this was my first time posting, and I am not very familiar with the platform’s rules. I apologize for any oversight on my part. I will make sure to improve and adhere to the guidelines in my future posts.

Lastly, the functionality I was looking for is related to simulated stock trading. I find it perplexing that current stock trading software doesn’t offer a multi-timeframe simulation feature. Analyzing intraday candlestick patterns in retrospect can effectively enhance one’s trading intuition, ultimately leading to more efficient real-time decision-making.

Thank you once again for your valuable assistance and understanding.

p_15min.x_range.start = df_intraday.index[max(0, temp-50)] - 0.4

The starting point of the 15 minute line is occasionally normal,
but most of the time it is not normal.

Where did I set it incorrectly?

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