When I use zoom in css then the tooltip in bokeh plot is misplaced


I have a question.

I embed a bokeh graph in a website. Everything is great unless I set a

@media (min-width: 2000px) {
  html {zoom: 2;}

Then the glyphs’ hover and the tooltip are miss placed when I display the page if the media query is taking effect.

For example for a circle with a tooltip, I hover on the circle but no tooltip is showing. And if I move my cursor to another random position, then the tooltip shows up. There must be a mismatch between the circle’s position and its corresponding tooltip.

Is this a bug or something?

Page address: https://xovee.cn
(you can display this page with browser’s zoom out or use a large screen >2000px)

Thank you very much.

Xovee Xu

@Xovee To my knowledge there has never been any explicit work with respect to CSS zoom (no one has ever asked about it before). So I would not expect it to work out of the box. All I can do is suggest you file a GitHub Issue detailing the use-case and expectations and then perhaps it can be addressed in future development.

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Thank you bryan for helping! I will try to create an issue on Github.

Have a good day~

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