Why port 5007 and 5006 can not work as normally as port 8000?

Running command of homepage: python manage.py runserver 120.xxx.xxx.xxx:8000
Running command of hyperlink page: bokeh serve --show finishedRatioBokehServe.py --address --allow-websocket-origin=120.xxx.xxx.xxx:5007 --port 5007indent preformatted text by 4 spaces

My web server: Django 3.1.8
My browser: chrome 90.0.4430.212

If the homepage port is 5006 and the hyperlink page is 8000, these two web pages perform successfully. If their ports are exchanged like the right-hand side of the above figure, then the hyperlink page will be blank!

Most likely you need to update --allow-websocket-origin for the swapped configuration.

Hi Bryan,
I had solved my problem just now. The problem was caused by the fire wall of my school. Although my colleague had open some ports on my ip for me, but the fire wall system seems had collisions with VPN at my home. All pages were successfully opened when I closed the VPN.
Thanks a lot.

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