Y-axis labels in their own column

Borehole logs almost always have the y-axis with text centered in its own column. Example: https://img.yumpu.com/34059262/1/500x640/borehole-b-7-borehole-log.jpg

Does anyone know a way to achieve this with Bokeh? There doesn’t seem to be much customization in axes appearance: First steps 4: Customizing your plot — Bokeh 3.1.1 Documentation

I’m not sure there is a straightforward way to achieve that with Bokeh present.There’s some work that’s been started to generalize axes appearance in some ways:

That might get part of the way there, but probably not fully. I’d suggest opening a GitHub Issue to request and discuss new feature work to support this use case. Please note that it is advised to be substantially more specific about requirement details than just providing a single reference image.

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