Y-axis labels not aligned for multiple plots

I have a column layout with aligned plots using the same x-axis, and I’m trying to align their y-axis labels. The only option I could find is axis_label_standoff, which sets the distance between the axis label and the major tick labels. Therefore when tick labels change so does the axis label position. Is there a way to set axis label distance from e.g. the y-axis so it can be kept fixed regardless of the tick labels (and to be able to align them over multiple plots as in the attached screenshot)?



There is no such feature currently. Alignment works only for (cartesian) frame edges (coinciding with primary axes). Other axes or labels are not aligned, though it’s something that could potentially be implemented.

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Thanks @mateusz . I think this would be a useful feature to have. Maybe it can be added as a feature request?

@bkos please submit a detailed GitHub Issue for a feature request

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Thanks @Bryan , I will do that.

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