Bokeh server vs stand alone documents

I’m considering to use Bokeh for some of our more complex visualizations within a non-Python web application. What I understand is that there are 2 options for embedding:

  • standalone documents
  • Bokeh applications running on a Bokeh Server

I think I like Bokeh Server most because, as far as I understand, in that case our Python data scientists can also build in Bokeh the interactions to query the data. But I wonder if it also meets our other requirements:

  • it’s important that access is restricted to authenticated users, these users are allowed to see only their own data, so we need a mechanism to pass through authorized access. Authorization within our platform is enforce by OpenID JWT tokens. For me it’s not clear how to realize authorization in combination with Bokeh server websocket sessions. Is this were bokeh.client is for?
  • Bokeh Server serves documents for every client, the source data for our Bokeh app is around 100MB, what does this mean for our resources when we have, for instance, between 100 and 500 concurrent users?

Any help or hints to make a good choice between Bokeh server and stand alone documents is highly appreciated!