DataTable gets invisible when layout updated

I am programming an app in which several tables are displayed. Depending on user interaction, new tables can be appended to or removed from the layout.

When I override the children of my layout containing a DataTable, the DataTable disappears, or rather gets invisible, since the space of the DataTable is still hold in the app.

Here is a minimal working example:

import bokeh.layouts
from bokeh.plotting import show, curdoc
from bokeh.models import ColumnDataSource, DataTable, TableColumn, Button, Div

button = Button(label="Click")

columns = [
        TableColumn(field="x", title="X"),
        TableColumn(field="y", title="Y"),

data1 = dict(
        x=[1, 2, 3],
        y=[11, 12, 13],

data2 = dict(
    x=[7, 8],
    y=[10, 11],

data_table1 = DataTable(source=ColumnDataSource(data1), columns=columns, height=120)
data_table2 = DataTable(source=ColumnDataSource(data2), columns=columns, height=120)

def update_layout1(): # Less invasive alternative, leads to collapsed columns.
    new_children = [
        Div(text="""<hr width="800px;">"""),
        Div(text="""<hr width="800px;">"""),
    my_layout.children[1].children = new_children

def update_layout2(): # More invasive alternative, leads to invisible DataTables
    col_layout = bokeh.layouts.column(children=[
        Div(text="""<hr width="800px;">"""),
        Div(text="""<hr width="800px;">"""),
    my_layout.children[1] = col_layout

button.on_click(update_layout2) # <- Switch between update_layout1 and update_layout2

col_layout = bokeh.layouts.column(children=[
    Div(text="""<hr width="800px;">""")

my_layout = bokeh.layouts.column(


Before pressing the button:

After pressing the button:

Did I update the layout in an unforeseen way?
Is this a bug?
Can you propose other workarounds?

Since I do not know from the beginning how many tables will be used and since I want to be as flexible as possible, I would like to avoid defining a given number of tables from the beginning and just using their visible property to show them or not.

I also tried not overriding the children but just updating them, but then I run in the problem that the columns collapse to the left, see my other topic on this topic:

This problem seems to be the same as described in this bug report:

Python version: 3.11.5
Bokeh verison: 3.2.2
Bokeh server version: 3.2.2
Tornado version: 6.3.3
Running on Windows 10
Python installation from conda-forge
I observe the problem starting from terminal as well as in JupyterLab 4.0.5 using

cc @mateusz seems like a bug, in which case a Github issue would be appropriate (with full details, but please do a quick check for any existing issues).

Following issue describes a very similar behavior, potentially with the same root cause:

I tested my code with bokeh 3.4.0.dev1, the issue of the disappearing tables is solved!
After clicking:

Thanks a lot!
Only the issue of collapsed columns is still there, but the resolution is ongoing:

FYI 3.4.0dev1 is an initial placeholder build for the 3.4 branch, it should be identical to (actually released) version 3.3

I still observe a difference:

  • Fresh Python environment, then only Bokeh 3.3.0 installed → the described display problem occurs

  • Fresh Python environment, then only Bokeh 3.4.0.dev1 installed → the described display problem doesn’t occur anymore

But whatever. The problem is solved for the next release, this is what counts.

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