Dynamically updating multiple 2D numpy arrays in Image Glyph

I have written an interactive Bokeh server app that uses two glyphs, the Line Glyph and the Image Glyph, as well as a few sliders.

For the Image Glyph, I store 12 different images in memory and display (3) images on top of each other based on user inputs from various sliders and buttons. Each image is color mapped (red, green, blue) and maintains some amount of transparency to ensure the end user can see the merged result in one Glyph.

My problem is I cannot seem to dynamically update the Image Glyph. All of the online support (tutorials, etc.) recommend leveraging the ColumnDataSource (which I use for the line plots) but ColumnDataSource doesn’t support multiple 2D arrays.

Looking for advice on how to make my Image Glyph dynamic without using ColumnDataSource.