Host bokeh server on Microsoft Azure App Service

I have a bokeh serve interactive app that works flawlessly locally. I now want to make this app available in the Microsoft Azure cloud since that is what my company is using. From what I understand, Azure App Service would be the best fit.

First of all, is there any obvious reason why this would not work? If not, is there any suggested way of doing this? I found that many sites suggest hosting bokeh together with flask, maybe packaged in a docker container (e.g. here), maybe this is the way to go? I haven’t found any examples of someone successfully running bokeh server on Azure, any pointers to tutorials or hints at how to start / what not to do are welcome.

Edit: I just found this thread about deploying bokeh server to AWS. It looks like some of this might be transferable to Azure, so I think I will try this and see where I fail.