Problem with vertical dateslider


with bokeh 2.3.2 under jupyter I have a problem when the slider is vertical.
Here the piece of code which reproduced my problem

import bokeh
from import show, output_notebook
from bokeh.models.widgets import DateSlider
from datetime import date
slider = DateSlider(start=date(2021, 1, 1), end=date(2021, 6, 17),
                    value=date(2021, 5, 17), step=1, title="Stuff",orientation='vertical')

As you can see cursor can’t be used (no problem when slider is horizontal).

Any idea ? :flushed:
By advance thank you
(It was working perfectly until yesterday when I ‘pip install panel’ for treemap purpose Treemap chart - #3 by _jm but not sure it is correlated )


I can reproduce the behavior in your example with bokeh 2.3.x (x=0/1/2/) in an environment that doesn’t have panel installed.

It looks as if this is a known bug being tracked in the bokeh GitHub Issues. See Vertical sliders’ appearance is broken #10444.

The discussion in that issue also proposes a workaround until the bug is directly addressed.

The change in behavior could be correlated to changes to your environment as you suggest depending on which version of panel you pip-installed and any dependency it has on a minimum bokeh version (such that bokeh was also updated as part of the procedure). But the problem here is a regression in bokeh.

ok thank you. I think in the meanwhile I use the horizontal version …

Can add that I also ran into this a few versions of bokeh ago, but it has since been fixed.