scroll text in a div widget


Is it possible to scroll through a div with lots of text ?

I tried sizing_mode=‘fixed’, embedding it in row, widget box, etc.

but the div always adjust to show all text.

Unsuccessful until now. Is there a way (no absolute need to be div, it can also be pretext or paragraph) ?


here is a minimum broken example, a small modification to the bokeh docs:

from bokeh.models.widgets import Div
from bokeh.plotting import curdoc

div = Div(text="""Your <a href="">HTML</a>-supported text is initialized with the <b>text</b> argument.  The
remaining div arguments are <b>width</b> and <b>height</b>. For this example, those values
are <i>200</i> and <i>100</i> respectively.""",
width=200, height=1)


is there any way to get vertical scroll bars? thx.

fixed my own problem! add style={'overflow-y':'scroll','height':'50px'} to the Div args.